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In our offer you can find a more detailed description of what we do in the case of accounting, tax, human resources and legal services.

Comprehensive service for companies

More than accounting

If you are looking for affordable and comprehensive accounting services at a high level? and someone who will take care of your company’s current accounts and advise you on financial and tax matters so that you can focus on developing your business?

You’ve come to the right place!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

HR &

Start-Up Companies

Companies Ukraine, Belarus etc

Accounting & Taxation

Accounting is nowadays an indispensable element of every company’s functioning. Thanks to our services, our clients can devote all their energy and time to developing their business, while all the official and accounting formalities remain on our side.

In addition to strictly accounting services, we also provide a wide range of tax advisory services and are happy to arrange tax consultations with our clients – please contact a tax advisor cooperating with us.

  • Accounting and tax services for limited liability companies.
  • Keeping the books of commerce,
  • Keeping books of income and expenses
  • Accounts of lump sum from registered income
  • Keeping accounts of VAT tax, personal income tax
  • Income tax from natural persons and legal entities
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns (VAT, PIT, CIT)
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland
  • Accounting for limited liability companies, joint stock companies, simple joint stock companies,
  • Accounting for foundations, associations, sports clubs,
  • VAT registers, JPK VAT
  • Accounting for e-commerce
  • Accounting start-up
  • Accounting simple joint-stock company
  • Accounting for companies from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus
  • Accounting Office Poznan – stationary and online services
  • Accounting Office Torun – stationary and online services
  • Online accounting services, accounting for companies from all over Poland, ● Online accounting
  • Tax relief IP Box

Human Resources & Payroll

HR and payroll services. We offer our experience and support in handling the card and payroll in your company. In addition to the basic package of services, we provide advice and consultation on optimal solutions at the level of employee contracts.

  • Preparation of employee payroll,
  • Any type of cooperation agreement for both Polish citizens and foreigners ● Preparation of bills to contracts, civil law;
  • Calculation of monthly contributions and preparation of Social Security settlement declarations,
  • electronic transfer of settlement documents to ZUS,
  • Employee Capital Plans
  • Calculation of advances for income tax on employees PIT,
  • Preparation of annual information on earned income and collected advances PIT-11, PIT-4R,
  • Personnel matters – personal files, records of working time in accordance with the regulations,

● And many other issues in the field of human resources and payroll

Company formation, Simple joint-stock company, Start-UP

If you want to start a business, you have come to the right place. We know how to avoid paying ZUS premiums and high taxes. And all this according to Polish law! Decide to set up a limited liability company or a simple joint-stock company. Our tax advisors will choose an advantageous form of taxation and our lawyers will take care of patents and protection of utility models, trademarks and industrial designs. This is very important if you want to take advantage of the IP BOX tax credit.

If you turn intellectual property rights into a business, the resulting revenue will be taxed at 5% rate (CIT/PIT). Our attorneys will take care of registering the company in court and take care of RODO so that you never have problems with the law.

More and more entrepreneurs are converting companies into limited liability companies and simple joint stock companies. Their advantages include no Social Security, 9% tax for small taxpayers and “Estonian” tax.

  • We will advise you which tax to choose and whether it is worth becoming a Vat payer,
  • Set up a company from anywhere in Poland
  • What to do to pay small ZUS
  • Company without ZUS – with us it is possible
  • We will limit your accounting work to sending invoices,
  • We will solve your every financial and tax problem,
  •  We will represent your interests before institutions such as ZUS or the Tax Office

Grants for companies, grants for Start-Ups

We invite you to get non-refundable grants and funding – check if your company qualifies for non-refundable financial assistance. Tomasz Urbanowicz – an expert on EU funds and project manager in EU projects; additionally he supports the development of startups in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship as part of the Startup Poland Foundation and is an expert with the Association of Organizers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers in Poland. In 2013-2019 he was Director of Development at Toruń Technology Park. Contact email and phone 606 321 312.

We provide consulting services in the field of creating new business models and raising funds for development activity, including innovation and internationalization. We focus on opportunities and also propose new ideas, develop effective strategies and create optimal business solutions.

Limited liability company for foreigners – Ukraine, Belarus and others

Are you from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, United Kingdom or any other country? If you are planning to establish a limited liability company then our team will help you with your plan. Our accountants and lawyers specialize in establishing and registering limited liability companies.

We have many years of experience in preparing the relevant agreements and forms necessary to establish and register companies. Our lawyers assist in establishing companies both in the “traditional” form i.e. at the notary’s office as well as via the Internet “in S24 mode”.

Legal services and RODO

Personal data protection – RODO, creating website regulations, servicing e-commerce companies, establishing and liquidating limited liability companies. – This is only a small part of the broadly understood commercial law in which our law firm specializes.

While running any kind of enterprise, one cannot forget about an extremely important aspect of business activity, which is the legal service of companies. It is necessary not only in crisis situations, but also during day-to-day operations.

The legal services we offer to enterprises concern various branches of law: civil, commercial, economic, labour and criminal law. We prepare all kinds of pleadings, but not only. We also offer our clients representation before courts, offices and public administration bodies.

In addition, we provide advice on matters related to the ongoing operations of the company, as well as analyze and provide opinions on contracts and agreements before signing them and finalizing all types of business transactions. We invite you to contact us by phone 606 354 592 Our partner’s website:

By entrusting us with the legal services for your enterprise, you can count on quick problem solving and attractive price conditions for the services provided.


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