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Number is the essence of all things

(Pitagoras ap. 572-497 bc)

A modern, certified accounting office

with traditions dating back to 1993

25 years of experience

Knowledge and skills accumulated over years

Everything in one place!

Saving your time and taking a comprehensive approach to your business!

Use a certified accounting office!

Trust the specialists in accounting, human resources, and tax and business law.

Changing the face of accounting

Our professional history dates back to 1993. Currently, after transformations, we operate as a commercial company. Professional and modern approach to clients, as well as affordable prices have allowed us to build a strong position in the market for financial and accounting services.

Earn money and save your time, we will take care of tax and accounting issues. We guarantee a comprehensive service in the field of tax and economic law. In one place you will have contact with qualified accountants and staff who will conduct all tax matters for you.

Accounting & Taxation

We provide the highest quality accounting services and expert tax advice to make your business easier.

Incorporation, Startup and PSA

We specialize in serving companies and individual businesses from incorporation to appropriate business solutions.

Human Resources & Payroll

We provide advice and consultation on optimal solutions and support in handling human resources and payroll in companies.

Accounting and legal services for foreigners

Preparation of relevant agreements and forms necessary for the establishment and registration of companies for foreigners.

Tax and accounting services for companies

Looking for help with tax and business issues? Do not know how to start a business, what form of tax to choose, and you have a great idea for your own business?

We will help you not only start, but also run your business successfully and at the lowest possible cost.

Experience and knowledge, which we supplement and collect for over 25 years is at your fingertips. Hundreds of serviced entities and successfully completed audits of our clients have given us a solid and extensive knowledge of economic and tax law.

Thanks to our experience and modern approach to organizing our work we are able to provide high quality service at an affordable price. We will help you with the formalities – just contact us!

years of experience


successful US tax returns


Cheaper than in other offices

Use a certified accounting office! Trust the specialists!

Handling of limited liability companies

We specialize in the service of capital companies (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, simple joint stock companies), individual enterprises – from the establishment of the company, through selection of an appropriate tax model and business solutions. Bookkeeping, human resources, consultations with the tax advisor and lawyer cooperating with us (link to the page).

Limited liability company 

It will definitely pay off for you. Set up a company with us today via online or in-store. You have everything in one place. First we set up the company, then we conduct its accounting. Convenience and comprehensiveness of services. We also invite individuals – we will register your personal business.

Accounting services for people from Ukraine, Belarus

Our office also provides services in Russian, Ukrainian – If you come from Ukraine or Belarus, but you want to establish a company and run business in Poland?

We will take care of the formalities related to the registration of your company in Poland, we will manage your accounting and employee issues.

Invoicing system

We provide a modern invoicing system that allows you to have all your company documents in one place. Issue an invoice and that’s it! You no longer need to send it to the accountant. With our online accounting system you always have access to information about the finances of your company. Our program is available on your phone, computer or tablet.

Our partners

limited liability company formation, simple joint-stock company, start-up accounting, sale of limited liability companies, IP BOX 5%, estonian tax
advocate, tax advisor
legal and tax services for small and medium-sized enterprises

Choose our office

Transfer to us from another accounting office, as part of the cooperation you will receive tax advice completely FREE – consultations with the tax advisor cooperating with us

Grants for companies

We welcome non-refundable grants and funding for your business. It is worth checking if your company is eligible for non-repayable financial assistance. For more information please contact our advisor.

Handling start-ups

Are you looking for solutions for your start-up? Using our comprehensive accounting, HR and legal services for individual entrepreneurs, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, simple joint-stock companies, we will provide the highest quality of service and you will be able to focus on running your business and your plans into reality.

Comprehensive service for companies

Everything in one place! Saving your time and a comprehensive approach to your business!

Outsourcing of accounting and human resources for companies

Based on professional staff and modern solutions that will provide savings in many fields.

Online accounting for companies

We provide a web application that allows you to issue invoices in an easy and pleasant way. And, most importantly, in compliance with tax regulations and the ability to generate JPK Invoice files. Ideally suited for small, medium and large enterprises. Thanks to our solutions you will save the most important currency of today’s world – time, and you will be able to focus on developing your business.
We care about your security and health. All the work in the field of bookkeeping and other issues, meetings and transfer of documents we also organize electronically – online.

Our greatest assets as an office are high quality of services, reliability, punctuality, long term (over 20 years on the market) experience and qualified staff!

Accounting and tax assistance

Or maybe you are already running a business and looking for new solutions to help you navigate through the maze of regulations? We invite you to us – a special promotion for companies transferring from other accounting offices – want to know more?